The Wallace band was formed in Russia, 2003, by vocalists/multi-instrumentalists Maria and Maxim Nizhegorodov. The band was named after Scottish historical hero - William Wallace. In 2008 brilliant fiddler Kirill Raskolenko (was 8th at Fleadh Cheoil) joined them. Their fairytale-like songs rapidly have become legendary in Russian folk-rock space. Many amateur music and music videos made by fans are based on Wallace band songs and inspired by them. Elves, trolls, lepricorns, dwarves and reckless rovers are alive and kicking in their creations. The sound of the band is unique for such music - their longing to keep distance from standard for folk-rock rumbling electric rhythm section has brought to life tough and fully acoustic drive which anyone else hardly could replicate. The repertoire of the Wallace band comprises an explosive mixture of original and traditional songs arranged in their own unusual way.
Want it in two words? Head banging!
Want it in three? No folk-musical equivalent!

The Wallace band presents to the audience:
- Completely original songs with fairytale atmosphere. New tradition!
- Russian arrangements of traditional Celtic songs. Unexpected facets of the tried-and-true shine!
- Heart-rousing and virtuoso performed melodies - these which make Celtic music so famous.

1. Max Nizhegorodov - lead vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion
2. Maria Nizhegorodova - lead vocals, accordion, ethnic flutes
3. Kirill (the KeyReel) Raskolenko - fiddle
4. Yuri Sergeyev - percussion
5. Anna Gnedenkova - vocals, flutes, dancing
6. Other musicians - the concert lineup may vary depending on musical goals (continuous collaboration with leading Russian Celtic musicians).

2005 - A Band Named after William Wallace
2008 - RPG Community Songs: Russia, Krasnodar
2010 - The Lepricorn Trap (available on Apple iTunes!)
2011 - Volosataya banda is back!
2012 - Tolkienists-recidivists (Concert video DVD)

2003 - Formation (Russia, Krasnodar). Members: M. Nizhegorodov, M. Nizhegorodova, A. Poluektov (percussion);
2004 – Changes in membership: M. Nizhegorodov, M. Nizhegorodova, A. Poluektov, A. Kiryushchenko (violin), E. Matukhno (accordion;
2005 - LP album - A Band Named after William Wallace;
2006 - Creative reprieve: relocation from Krasnodar to Moscow, solo albums
2007-2008 - Changes in membership: M. Nizhegorodov, M. Nizhegorodova, K. Raskolenko, M. Morozov (folk accordion);
2008 - LP Album - RPG Community Songs: Russia, Krasnodar;
2009 - Membership changes: M. Nizhegorodov, M. Nizhegorodova, K. Raskolenko, Y. Sergeyev;
2010 - Membership changes: M. Nizhegorodov, M. Nizhegorodova, K. Raskolenko, Y. Sergeyev, A. Gnedenkova;
2010 - LP Album - The Lepricorn Trap;
2010 - Tour to Scotland (several gigs, live gig and interview on Glasgow Folk FM Radio)
2011 - Maria's several months' vacation in connection with one blessed event :-) ;
2011 – LP Album - Volosataya banda is back!
2011-2012 - Touring across Russia (Rostov, Nizhniy Novgorod, Samara, Yaroslavl, Krasnodar, Tver etc)
2012 - Album - Tolkienists-Recidivists (Concert video DVD)